Eddie Velosa

More than words.

I’m more than just a copywriter.

So when I’m not doing the write thing like

you read about, I’m padding my portfolio

with other skills that pay the bills.

Check out the new website I just built.

Complete redesign for Silver Pine Capital, a financial planning firm based in Boston.

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Quick Intro
I’m a highly versatile copywriter with a traditional

background in journalism and a comprehensive

content marketing repertoire.

I help startups implement fully integrated content

strategies and grow thriving digital content

ecosystems from scratch to scale.

My Portfolio

“The first draft of anything is always sh*t.” ~Hemingway


Senior copywriter and content marketer for eComm startup.


Lead copywriter and content marketer for B2B SaaS startup.


Content strategist for Uber’s bike-sharing NYC launch.


Content strategist for WooCommerce Payments launch.


Creative producer for podcast series sponsored by Dole.

Los Angeles Times

Branded content for Rolex, Cartier, Audi, Marriott, and more.


Case studies for referral marketing clients.

Wed Aruba

Built a new website for a wedding planner in Aruba.

Silver Pine Capital

Built a new website for a financial planner in Boston.

Eddie’s one of my favorite people to collaborate with. He has a real knack for looking at things critically and challenging the norm. He never wants to do the same old thing. But above all else, Eddie's simply a great guy. He's the ultimate culture guy. No matter how good or bad a situation, he always keeps things positive, and does what's right for his team.

Director. Content MarketingFlock

Eddie was one of the best hires I’ve ever made in my career. He’s organized, has great attention to detail, and thrives in a team environment. He’s able to handle competing priorities with grace and efficiency. I highly recommend him.

Director of Public AffairsLos Angeles Times

Eddie’s one of the most creative, talented people I've ever worked with. He's incredibly adept at understanding what motivates an audience and knows how to come up with cool, compelling content and creative to move them.

Director of ContentIntelycare

Eddie’s professionalism extends beyond being one of the most talented and dedicated people I’ve worked with. He has always helped to get the best out of my projects while consistently exceeding his client’s expectations.

Digital StrategistSalesforce

Eddie delivered far more than what was expected of him. He spent time learning about our business and then went to work strategizing ideas and delivered on every single one of them. He calls himself a "copywriter" but he's obviously much more than that.

Partner, CFP®Silver Pine Capital

Working with Eddie has been a pleasure. He possesses tremendous skills and places facts into context. His ability to create a story and deliver it with emotional impact is outstanding.

Global E-commerceTik Tok

Working with Eddie was a delight. No detail or request was too much. He went above and beyond to reimagine my website and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Founder & CEOWedAruba

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