Creative Strategy

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Creative Brief


Keepin’ It Fresh is a sponsored podcast series aimed at amplifying brand awareness around Dole’s premium organic frozen foods.

We’ll establish credibility by talking to food experts and presenting original content that’s entertaining while invoking a fresh mindset about food.


Underscore the importance of eating fresh and maintaining fresh food quality with an emphasis on the convenience of having frozen produce handy.

Listeners should instinctively think of Dole when it comes to frozen fruits and veggies that never spoil.

Keepin’ It Fresh Podcast

Put some pep into your meal prep. Tune in for pro tips on how to navigate the nutritional nuances of frozen foods. Learn how to procure, prep, and preserve your own produce, so you can achieve peak freshness for the whole family all summer long.


Farm to Freezer

Farmers spill the seeds on

keeping fruits and veggies

fresh all summer.

So Fresh, So Clean

Ditch the trendy crash diet

and discover the basics

of eating fresh.

Flash Frozen

Explore the subtle art of flash

freezing perishables to

preserve freshness.

Smoothie Operator

Craft the perfect smoothie

to keep you feeling forever

fresh this summer.

Key Components


  • Meal Preps
  • Fresh Produce
  • Flash Freezing
  • Nutritional Value
  • Simple Smoothies
  • Shopping Lists

Dole Promos

  • Frozen Fruit
  • Smoothie Blends
  • Fruit & Veggie Blends
  • Organic Frozen Fruit
  • Smoothie Bowls
  • Dole Dippers


  • Fruits, Veggies
  • Fresh, Organic
  • Easy, Convenient
  • Energy, Nutritious
  • Clean Living
  • Fit, Healthy

Special Guests

  • Joey Blake
  • Dana Hunnes
  • Brooke Williamson
  • Spike Mendelsohn
  • Antonia Lofaso
  • Nathan Peitso

Freeze, somebody bring me

back from veggies, please.

With farmer’s markets in full swing, locally sourced produce is ripe for the picking. Discover the subtle art of selecting fresh produce and the secrets to keeping your favorite fruits and veggies fresh all summer long.

Farm to Freezer

Tis the season for freezin’

Product Plugs

Organic frozen fruit and

veggies, Dole Dippers,

Smoothies, and flash-

frozen value packs.


Fresh organic produce,

preserving perishables,

salvaging spoils, and

tease Flash Frozen.


Informal, upbeat, and

funny. Be able to transition

naturally between dialogue

and Dole promos.

Snap Intro

Hey, guys. Welcome to my brand new podcast Keepin’ It Fresh presented by Dole. This time, I’m on a mission to put some pep in your meal prep and to keep you thinking fresh about the foods you eat so that you look and feel fresh all summer long.

Dole Script

Today’s episode is brought to you by Dole’s premium selection of organic frozen fruits and vegetables. Dole produce is picked to perfection and flash-frozen at the peak of freshness for ultimate nutrition and flavor. Its all-natural blends are meticulously harvested and carefully sourced from sustainable farms around the world.


Man, I gotta say, Dole makes it so easy for you. Seriously, all you have to do is toss a fistful of organic frozen fruits and veggies straight into a blender with some almond milk and you’re solid. Just don’t add any extra junk, like processed protein powder. That stuff’ll kill ya. But we’ll get into that during Ep. 4 when I sit down with LA Ram’s head dietitian, Joey Blake. He’s, shall I say, a Smoothie Operator. See what I did there?

Guest Intro

I’d like to introduce my first guest. He’s a California boy who’s been working on his family’s farm since he was in diapers. He’s the executive chef at Farmhouse LA and he’s going to teach you how to stockpile fresh produce from your local farmer’s market so it stays fresh, basically forever. If that’s not keepin’ it fresh, I don’t know what is. Please welcome, Nathan Peitso.

Whoops, there it isn’t.

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